Croatian Association of Audiovisual Translators (CAAT)

The Croatian Association of Audiovisual Translators is an association of professionals working for television, film and the Internet. It was founded in 2012, and has around fifty members.

The aim is to affirm the profession and improve the working conditions, and therefore participates in policy making both in Croatia and in Europe. A major break-through was achieved in 2016, when the Ministry of Culture added the Association to the list of artistic professional associations. This means that the members have an additional tax deduction of 25% for all audiovisual translations.

The Association is also member of AVTE, the European umbrella association of audiovisual translators. This enables it to have a better insight into the situation in Europe and to intervene in the interest of its members on an international level.

The long-term goal of the association is to gather all professional audiovisual translators in order to become a significant factor in decision-making processes regarding this profession.

Executive Board

Sandra Mlađenović


Petra Matić


Marko Majerović


Mišo Grundler

Member of the Executive Board

Sanja Vorkapić Velić

Member of the Executive Board